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It's people not programs that make a difference in a student's life.

Our teachers and staff are committed to understanding each student. This understanding allows our staff to personalize each students academic plan that aligns with the student's personal goals. The road to excellence is not an easy one to travel alone, at APEX, someone will always be at your side. We want our students to know that we are a family brought together to make their dreams come true.

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Competency Based Education

APEX Academy is a competency-based school, where student skill acquisition is the priority.  Here students take assessments to gauge their progress of mastering the rigorous curriculum. Review a given topic, as many times until they understand the material. Teachers use effective instructional practices, social and emotional support. A model designed to engage student learning based on a individual's academic needs by intervention or enrichment.

College & Career Readiness

Unlike most schools college readiness is more than just having students take A-G requirements alone. At APEX, it’s about ensuring each student has, thoroughly explored school and major options, access to resources like SAT/ACT prep and even help find money for college through grants in scholarships.

Family like environment

We believe a turnaround occurs as the social-emotional needs of the student begin to be met through counseling and provision  of wrap-around services, allowing  our students to connect with the  concept of family.

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"At APEX, you're not just a student in period 2, the teachers here treat you like person and are there with you every step of way."

- Nina Avetisyan,
APEX Alumn, Class of 2013
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