Board of Directors


Marla Mattenson

Ms. Mattenson has been an educator, educator coach/mentor, and a professional coach committed to improving communication and maximizing potential.

Rodney Hargrove

Rodney Hargrove is a business owner in the Hollywood community.

Gail Shaw-Hawkins

Ms. Gail Shaw-Hawkins has been educating and moving students toward success for over 20 years in both private and public schools. Over the last decades, she has been actively helping at-risk young women and youth in the Pacoima/Sylmar areas, by teaching, educating, and bringing resources to the communities.

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June Getz

June Getz has been a leading Human Resources professional for more than a decade within leading corporate and non-profit organizations. She brings a wealth of expertise to APEX Academy’s operational and fiduciary oversight.

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Jody Molodow

Jody Molodow has recently joined the board.

Allison Hendrick

Allison Hendrick has recently joined the board.