Board of Directors

Marla Mattenson

Marla Mattenson

Ms. Mattenson has been an educator, educator coach/mentor, and a professional coach committed to improving communication and maximizing potential.


Rodney Hargrove

Rodney Hargrove is a business owner in the Hollywood community. 

Gail Shaw-Hawkins

Ms. Gail Shaw-Hawkins has been educating and moving students toward success for over 20 years in both private and public schools.  Over the last decades, she has been actively helping at-risk young women and youth in the Pacoima/Sylmar areas, by teaching, educating, and bringing resources to the communities.

Deanna Whitestone

Ms. Whitestone is passionate about law and education.  Deanna Whitestone is an associate at Raines Feldman LLP. She advises privately and publicly held companies in corporate, securities and transactional matters. Her practice includes entity formation, negotiating, drafting and reviewing various commercial contracts and advising on employment matters.

James Kodani

James Kodani has served at all levels of education in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

June Getz

June Getz has been a leading Human Resources professional for more than a decade within leading corporate and non-profit organizations.  She brings a wealth of expertise to APEX Academy's operational and fiduciary oversight.   

John Berns

As an entreprenuer and educator, Mr. Berns continues to help families to a better future.  He has for the last decade been a leader within the educational options community in the Los Angeles area.  Mentoring school leaders has led him to have a greater impact in the greater Los Angeles area.