APEX Counselors

Counselors at APEX are a cornerstone for our students success and well-being.

Our Counselors get know each student individually, and understand what it takes to uniquely help each of them achieve both academically and personally. Counselors work closely with students and their families to create school success plans to ensure a future they will be proud of. By preparing them through personalized learning experiences, APEX counselors guide the students from start to finish, in whatever it may be.

Whether it’s SAT prep or help with college application essays, or help with applying for financial aid, grants and scholarships, our counselors are there every step of the way. They help the students compare schools to determine which path is appropriate, and find the funding to go there. School reps are invited to campus to speak with students, allowing an in person comparison of majors and offerings, with an easy step by step guided application process.

College & Career Readiness Through A-G

• Our mission is to graduate students who are college-prepared and career-ready.

In the 21st century workplace, finding and keeping a job that pays well requires higher-order

thinking skills—those that we want every APEX student to learn.

• In order to accomplish this, students must take a thorough high school program that teaches a

foundation of skills that will help them to apply, analyze and synthesize complex information.

• APEX has incorporated A-G courses into its graduation requirements, prioritizing the ones

students need most to ensure that they are college-prepared and career-ready by graduation day

for the career course they desire and beyond.

• By adopting A-G as the standard and requiring students pass with a ‘C,’ APEX is raising the

bar for all students to be competitive in today’s workforce, whether they go straight into a

career or go on to a 4-year college.

Studies and research point to the importance of personalization and a low counselor to student ratio.

At APEX Academy, you will find this research put in practice. Our counselor to student ratio has never been higher than 150 to 1, compared to an average of 400 to 1 (and at times higher) throughout the LA area. We believe that for our students to succeed, access to this high quality of counseling and guidance is a must.

Strategies we use include:

Progressive Discipline Model

Individual, Family, and Group Counseling (Off Site and On Site)

Robust Academic Counseling in Conflict Resolution

Support Beyond “Traditional Counselor Boundaries”

High Level of Student Monitoring (Academically and Emotionally)

Partnerships with Outside Agencies & Community Resources

Transparent and Collaborative Departmental Communications

Educating Students About Opportunities for Growth

Identifying Root Desires and Goals for Each Student

Guidelines on Academic Achievement

Social Capital (Ability to Appropriately Advocate for Self and Others)

Positive Attendance Encouragement

Active Engagement in Learning

Emotional Awareness and Education

Conceptualization of Life After High School

Accessing Resources with Ease

Making Healthy Choices

Description of Counseling Department Mission

Counseling Blog Postings

Restorative Practices

School Profile

Myths about College

Paying for College

Meeting with the Counselors