At APEX ACADEMY your child is an individual, known by many adults, from his/her counselor, to the teachers, to the support staff, to the principal and administrators. When most schools in CA average a counselor to student ratio of 400 or more students per counselor, at APEX it has never been more than 150 students per counselor. This ratio along with committed teachers and staff is what will give your child opportunities for much success! CLICK HERE FOR INTRO VIDEO

The Academic Performance Excellence Academy has a unique approach to counseling and programming that allows students who need extra time and classes to still graduate and attend four-year universities, while still enabling classic over-achievers to leave high school early and graduate into the competitive UC system. The school has successfully graduated students in three, four and five academic years and successfully sent students to universities from each group. The counselors pore over student’s transcripts to tailor each schedule to the student’s needs. At APEX, students are never allowed to “slip through the cracks”, as every student is known by name.

At APEX you are an individual. APEX Academy is on a mission to change the East Hollywood Community by giving you every opportunity and resource available to graduate from high school prepared for life. And while you are at it, you will meet all the A-G requirements; You will have several in depth conversations with a caring counselor to ensure your dreams and goals are known; if you want to accelarate your education you can; if you need multiple opportunities, you will have them; YOU will achieve and succeed!