PLUS Phase - Grade 12

During the PLUS phase, students continue to build on content and skills from previous phases, while finalizing their final portfolio presentation.

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Presentation 2 Phase - Grade 11

Academic achievement during this phase is crucial, as students must pass the CAHSEE, take the PSAT, and be sure to stay on track with all A-G requirements.

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Presentation 1 Phase - Grade 10

The Presentation Phase builds on academic content and skill attainment. Content is richer and rigorous as students conduct college and career assessments.

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Foundation Phase - Grade 9

APEX students are introduced to the rigors of A-G courses.  An individual Graduation Plan is developed together with students, parents, and counselor.

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Middle School - Pre-Foundation Grades 7 & 8

The students at APEX Academy Middle School are offered an individualized and comprehensive academic program to develop academic scholars.

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Flexible Programming

Every student’s program is personalized.

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  1. Any Student, Any Time, Any Where

    With the purposeful and explicit focus on the most vulnerable youth in East Hollywood, our program is non-traditional, unconventional, evolving and never static.  One size fits all does not fit at APEX Academy. Read more…

  2. Best Counselor-to-Student Ratio

    Given our commitment to serve the most vulnerable student population, APEX has always been committed to providing the lowest counselor-to-student ratio in the area of no more than 1:150. Read more…

  3. Diploma Plus – Competency Based Instruction & Promotion

    APEX is a competency-based school that has a rigorous curriculum, effective instructional practices, social/emotional support and a programing model that re-engages students because it is based on each student’s individual academic needs, whether that is intervention or enrichment. Read more…

  4. The School as an 1-Stop Shop Community Resource

    The School as a One-Stop Shop community resource. Read more…