Middle School - Pre-Foundation Grades 7 & 8


The students at APEX Academy Middle School are offered an individualized and comprehensive academic program to develop academic scholars.

The customized approach enables students to progress in their creative and critical thinking abilities.Beginning in the 7th grade, students are exposed to the A-G requirements, along with college-visits to a wide-spectrum of universities. In addition, the Diploma Plus Competencies implemented in each class subject, promote an academic expectation that the students will consistently experience upon entering APEX Academy High School. We produce students who are connected to the APEX community and philosophy.

The following is data that was collected from the Student Climate Survey administered at the beginning of the 2015 Spring Semester.

90% of students believe APEX middle school is safe and clean
87% of students believe they can talk to their teacher when they have a problem
93% of students enjoy coming to school
97% of students believe they get support from their school counselor
94% of students believe that APEX middle school provides a positive place for them to learn.

APEX Middle School Academy Student Attendance Matters!

2014-2015 Attendance
AUG 98%
SEPT 97%
OCT 97%
NOV 96%
DEC 95%
JAN 95%
FEB 95%
MAY 93%