Mr. Seacat was born in Laguna Beach, CA but was raised in the small desert town of Morongo Valley, CA, about 30 minutes northeast of Palm Springs. There he developed a strong connection to nature, baseball, and literature. His father taught him the game of baseball and his mother made sure he always had a book to read. It was there on that dirt road that Mr. Seacat learned the value of family and hard work through the examples set forth by his parents and grandmother.

Upon graduating from high school, Mr. Seacat attended CSU Chico for a year. Unfortunately, there were too many S.F. Giant fans on campus, and he decided to finish his college career at CSU Northridge, much closer to Dodger Stadium. He earned his teaching credential from CSUN and he has never looked back.

Mr. Seacat has taught English in this East Hollywood community for over 11 years. He has had the opportunity to meet, teach, tutor, mentor, and learn from countless students and families over the years. Currently, he is the Student Success Coordinator for APEX.

Currently, Mr. Seacat is an avid surfer who loves to travel in search of new adventures and uncrowded waves. He truly loves being a part of APEX and is looking forward to what the future will unfold.