Darwin “Coach” Chaug is the high school physical education teacher at APEX Academy. His love for sports and fun physical activities dominates as the theme of his classes. Coach Chaug received his teaching physical education teaching credential from CSULB Credential Program in 2015 and has been teaching at APEX since Spring of 2016. Coach Chaug has his bachelors degree with a major in Sociology & minor in Communication Students helps him understand and connect with students from all walks of life and help them succeed whether they’re playing sports on the field or studying in the classroom. On his spare time, he loves spending time with his newly wedded wife and exploring the outdoors or just simply playing basketball.

Coach Chaug also participates in coaching for Helen Bernstein High School.
Coach Chaug in his first year of coaching, led the JV girls basketball team to their best record in school history in 2017. He also coaches the Bernstein Track & Field team and led the Boys Track & Field team to a league championship title in 2017.

Coach Chaug genuinely loves what he teaches and you can catch him frequently running or participating with his classes or sports teams. Feel free to challenge Coach Chaug to a game of 1v1 basketball game, he’ll never turn down a friendly game of basketball.