Ana Maria Munoz has been working in the education field for the last 14 years, but has been a teacher for the last 6 years. She started as a TA in an elementary school, then became a Special Education TA for a preschool program. As she was gaining all this wonderful TA experience, Ms. Munoz was also attending college to earn both her Multiple Subject and Special Education credentials.

Her experience as a teacher assistant in various educational settings has given Ms. Munoz a wealth of knowledge which has helped her throughout her career. By being a TA for so many years, she was able to see the different styles of teaching of various teachers, from which she was able to hone her own skills and emulate those that worked in the classroom. Because of this exposure she came up with her own philosophy of education which states, “We as teachers have the duty to make sure that every student’s mind is filled with enrichment and wonder. Education is the key to success and in order for our students to succeed we must provide the tools they need. I believe all students are capable of excelling and achieving their maximum potential. We as educators must provide a classroom haven where our students are able to feel comfortable, safe, and ready to learn. ALL students must be treated with respect and dignity”.

Her career path has not been an easy one. There was no parental support to get a higher education, and she had to work part time while attending college. She even stopped attending college for a year due to financial reasons. But Ms. Munoz’s perseverance and desire to have a career, to get an education and be somebody in life gave her the strength to continue her journey.