Hello! My name is Maureen Fonken and I am a science teacher at APEX Academy, teaching chemistry, AP Environmental Science, and earth science. Words that have been used to describe me include flexible, dedicated, and attentive to my professional obligations. Working closely with the specialists at our school to help students achieve their goals is important to me, because I want to ensure that all my students have an opportunity to succeed and do well.

I earned my master’s degree and teaching credential at University of Washington in 2009, a top ten west coast school for education. I have credentials in chemistry, English, and general science, and have taught English 9-12, Physiology, Genetics, and anthropology in addition to the courses I’m teaching this year. Additionally, I have successfully completed every available training for reproductive health through LAUSD and APEX.

My interests include teaching and learning, social justice, resiliency, writing, science fiction, and adolescent development. These things all provide a useful springboard for working with adolescents, and help me provide a learning environment that helps them feel safe and welcome.